Planting & Plant Planning


Once the hard landscaping is complete, it’s time to plant. This is where so many people have problems, and even experienced gardeners can find that a plant fails to thrive, or becomes a bully and swamps more delicate specimens. But most experienced gardeners only occasionally plant a garden from scratch.

Consult us about your planting needs; we will submit an outline plan & budget for your approval. So why not look at the gallery and contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements?


We guarantee you’ll be on your way to beautiful plants in the places where they thrive and proliferate. Using tried and tested plant suppliers, Martin Gordon Landscapes is able to deliver good value for money, working within your budget in a versatile way.

Our Standards

bottom number 1 Quality Design & Construction

At Martin Gordon Landscapes we believe that the best garden and landscape, that lasts for years, can only be achieved through quality garden design and professional landscape construction. This is an ethic we sincerely live by.

Beautbottom number 2iful Gardens & Value

In our industry you have to know what the structure of the landscape, and the plants, will look like in years to come. We bring this valuable expertise to our customers and deliver beautiful gardens that get better with age.

Policy To Know

Martin Gordon Landscapes Ltd is careful that its involvement in projects reduces harmful impact on the environment wherever possible.

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