Just like the paving in your garden, the material for your driveway should reflect your garden style. The driveway material should complement the exterior of your home, the materials used for your boundaries, and any special statuary features within the garden.

Driveways are often neglected, but can easily be transformed to create an attractive approach to your home. Improving the appearance of your property can add value and be a good selling feature.


Driveways can be created from a range of materials to suit all budgets. From natural stone block paving, to man-made block paving, to tarmac and gravel. We are experienced in the laying techniques required for all driveway materials.

Everyday decisions such as creating driveways and vehicle parking areas, can have environmental consequences. In times of heavy or sustained rainfall the drainage system can become overloaded and cause flooding.

Because of this and recent Government legislation, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on a well balanced, sustainable driveway design. Achieving this design, within the new guidelines need not be complicated. All we need to do is to decide how you would like to manage the rainwater that lands on your driveway.

One option is to direct rainwater into an area which has been designed to allow water to drain away, using drainage channels or linear drainage systems. It may involve putting a soakaway underneath part of your lawn. Martin Gordon Landscapes, has access to a Special Soakaway Calculator, which helps us to make sure we install the correct size soakaway to do the job.

>> Another option would be to use a permeable material, which allows rain water to drain through into the ground below.

>> Neither of the 2 options above needs planning permission.

>> Using tried and tested methods, construction materials and machinery, Martin Gordon Landscapes is able to deliver good value for money, working within your budget in a versatile way.

Consult us about your driveway needs; we will submit an outline plan & budget for your approval. So why not look at the gallery, browse our services and contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements?

We guarantee you’ll be on your way to a beautiful driveway.

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