Just like the flooring in your home reflecting your style, the paving should reflect your garden style. The paving should complement the exterior of your home, the materials used for your boundaries, and any special statuary features within the garden.

Anywhere you walk and need hard standing underfoot, is where you need paving, areas such as, patios, terraces, pathways and working or utility spaces.


Paving can be mixed with other materials to create variation and texture.

Paving can be laid to formal lines or sweeping curves, random patterns and circles.

There is a very wide choice of paving materials available. From natural stone, Sandstone, Travertine, Granite and Slate, to name a few, to man-made paving, there is something for everyone, every garden and every budget.

And we’re here to help guide you through to the right choice for you.
Using tried and tested resources, construction materials and machinery, Martin Gordon Landscapes is able to deliver good value for money, working within your budget in a versatile way.

Consult us about your paving needs; we will submit an outline plan & budget for your approval.

So why not look at the gallery, browse our services and contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements?

We guarantee you’ll be on your way to beautiful paving.

Our mission

bottom number 1 Quality Design & Construction

At Martin Gordon Landscapes we believe that the best garden and landscape, that lasts for years, can only be achieved through quality garden design and professional landscape construction. This is an ethic we sincerely live by.

Beautbottom number 2iful Gardens & Value

In our industry you have to know what the structure of the landscape, and the plants, will look like in years to come. We bring this valuable expertise to our customers and deliver beautiful gardens that get better with age.

Policy To Know

Martin Gordon Landscapes Ltd is careful that its involvement in projects reduces harmful impact on the environment wherever possible.

Hard surfacing is currently seen as a problem, causing excess water run off, and having had a great deal of experience in laying paving and driveways we are happy to advise on the subject.

Recent Projects