Drainage & Irrigation


With global warming and the introduction of plants from all over the world, often from very different climates than our own, garden owners are giving more thought to drainage and irrigation. The incidences of exceptional rainfall and flooding are increasing, and much has been written about excessive water run-off [hyperlink] where gardens are mainly hard-landscaped.

If you are interested in lessening the time you spend watering your garden, contact us and we can install an irrigation system that delivers water where it is needed, when it is needed – efficiently. We can also advise you on drought-tolerant planting schemes, or landscape your garden to the best advantage using both systems. If you are concerned about water run-off from your driveway, patio, paving or hard standing, talk to one of the Martin Gordon Landscapes team; we are skilled and experienced in finding the best solution to managing this ecological problem in the most environmentally friendly way.

Using tried and tested resources, construction materials and machinery – as well as other craftsman and trades that we can be sure off – Martin Gordon Landscapes is able to deliver good value for money, working within your budget in a versatile way. Consult us about your stone work needs; we will submit an outline plan & budget for your approval. So why not look at the portfolio and contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements? We guarantee you’ll be on your way garden peace of mind regarding drainage and irrigation.

Our Standards

bottom number 1 Quality Design & Construction

At Martin Gordon Landscapes we believe that the best garden and landscape, that lasts for years, can only be achieved through quality garden design and professional landscape construction. This is an ethic we sincerely live by.

Beautbottom number 2iful Gardens & Value

In our industry you have to know what the structure of the landscape, and the plants, will look like in years to come. We bring this valuable expertise to our customers and deliver beautiful gardens that get better with age.

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