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There are two elements to garden construction: hard landscaping, which is the backbone of your garden and can include paths, driveways, garden walls and patios, arches, pergolas, arbours and gazebos, raised beds and water features as well as lighting and artistic touches that are built in; and soft landscaping, which is the planting scheme. It takes knowledge and experience to plant a garden that will look good all year round.

A wide range of hard landscape materials can be involved in garden construction, such as wood, brick, stone and reconstituted stone products, gravel, concrete, glass, metals etc. Hard landscaping can also describe outdoor furniture and other landscape products.
Hard landscaping is all about improving the aesthetic appearance of a piece of land by changing its contours and adding ornamental features.

It is important that the garden designer chooses hard landscape products and materials which go together well. But in garden construction, the logistics of hard landscaping are just as important: the bedding of paving; the routing of water channels and electrical cables, the installation of drainage, irrigation and the problem of excessive water run-off are just a few hard landscaping elements to consider. That is where the knowledge and experience of a qualified garden designer and installer is important.

Once the hard landscaping is done it’s time to plant. This is where so many people have problems, and even experienced gardeners can find that a plant fails to thrive, or becomes a bully and swamps more delicate specimens. But most experienced gardeners only occasionally plant a garden from scratch.That is where our expertise lays; Martin Gordon Landscapes creates new gardens and beds every day. We know what works in your district, what works in the conditions in your garden (sun, shade, soil type, moisture levels, exposure to wind), and where we can source the plants that best suit those conditions and your vision for your garden.

Martin Gordon Landscapes Ltd works to the highest standard from start to finish, whether a full garden design is constructed, or individual elements are built. We can also construct gardens for special needs, such as disabled access, sensory gardens and low maintenance gardens, even gardens for protection which make it hard for a burglar to break in!

We have a portfolio of some of our garden constructions, which we would like to show you, and we also love to explore new ideas.
We only use the best quality materials and source locally where possible. Our dedication to garden construction has been rewarded with a BALI accreditation, not to mention a loyal group of satisfied customers.

Martin Gordon Landscapes offer something that is unique: the perfect marriage between garden design and landscape construction – whether you need us to execute your own design, or ask us design the area ourselves.

So why not look at the gallery, browse our services and contact us for a no-obligation chat about your requirements? We guarantee you’ll be on your way to a beautiful landscaped garden.

Our Standards

bottom number 1 Quality Design & Construction

At Martin Gordon Landscapes we believe that the best garden and landscape, that lasts for years, can only be achieved through quality garden design and professional landscape construction. This is an ethic we sincerely live by.

Beautbottom number 2iful Gardens & Value

In our industry you have to know what the structure of the landscape, and the plants, will look like in years to come. We bring this valuable expertise to our customers and deliver beautiful gardens that get better with age.

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